Enterprise Performance Management Cloud

Enterprise Performance Management Cloud (EPM) provides companies with the right applications to create, manage and deliver financial solutions. Achieve your company's strategic plan by accurately allocating resources and improving financial processes through a streamlined reporting platform.


OneStream is a market-leading intelligent finance platform that swiftly simplifies and modernizes processes such as reporting, budgeting, analytics, and financial consolidation capabilities. Eliminate the time, effort, and cost needed to maintain fragmented legacy applications by switching to OneStream's fully comprehensive unified platform. Your organization will benefit from this ever evolving cloud-based platform designed to reduce the complexity of financial operations and optimize your business.

Planning, Budgeting, and/or Forecasting

The Planning, Budgeting, and/or Forecasting Cloud Service is a powerful application that leverages your company’s future through best in class modules and custom planning and forecasting tools using customizable frameworks including financial, workforce, capital expenditure, project, and strategic planning. These modules allow you to plan for the short-term or long-term future of your company by implementing trend-based and driver-based planning tools. By utilizing these tools, your FP&A team will be able to concentrate on other tasks such as working with project stakeholders involved with specific investments and portfolios to leverage a more accurate picture of the budget allocations.

Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Services

Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service is an out-of-the-box consolidation solution where companies can leverage financial consolidations using pre-built tools and options. This application includes 11 predefined system dimensions as well as 2 customizable dimensions you can add based on your company’s need, as well as an established balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. FCCS also provides other standard features such as entity and account hierarchies and built in calculations and reports. Utilizing FCCS will help your company accelerate close schedules, enhance performance through reporting and data analytics, and improve ease of use.

Account Reconciliation Cloud Services

Account Reconciliation Cloud Service allows an organization to perform comprehensive reconciliations on multiple levels with customizable methods and expansive room for automation. At the core of the application, reconciliations are split into two forms, Balance Reconciliation and Transaction Matching, where consolidations can be performed at each level. Both sides of the application allow for auto-reconciliation via rules. If certain stipulations of the account are met, then the reconciliation will approve and close itself without needing input from the user, thus allowing users to spend time where it is of greater need. ARCS also possesses an easy-to-use interface for both administrators and preparers/users working within the environment. With the help of ARCS, your organization will have a smooth and accurate transition to reconciliation.

Enterprise Data Management Cloud Services

Enterprise Data Management Cloud Service provides companies a way to manage master data, reference data, dimensions, hierarchies, mapping, and application metadata in one central location. EDMCS is a service that delivers business users a quick and convenient method to maintain changes across application perspectives, while also sharing and mapping data between the applications.

Financial Reporting Web Studio

Financial reporting studio is available in each of the platforms providing industry standard reporting tool. The tool has matured over the years and can provide detailed reports and formatted reports based on access levels assigned in the system.

Narrative Reporting

EPRCS is a convenient tool providing a secure, collaborative approach to define, author, review, and publish reports. It can create reports with different kind of data sources. The reports can be connected with one or multiple-sources at the same time which can bring a wider view for clients to compare between data. It also provides a report package function which can let multiple departments contribute to help building a package which can contain multiple reports and charts combined. This application is a report builder tool which is helpful for an organization who have more than one EPM cloud services.

EPM Automate

EPM Automate is a powerful automation tool that enables your company to autonomously perform tasks within Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud environments such as PBCS, EBPCS, FCCS, ARCS, EDMCS, PCM, and more. Your company can benefit from an intelligent system that quickly performs tedious, time consuming jobs that are prone to human error. Automation reduces cost dramatically, refreshes your data more frequently, and allows your leadership to allocate more time and resources to higher ROI endeavors. Tasks that can be automated include importing and exporting data, backing up artifacts and application snapshots, uploading/deleting files to/from environments, scheduling the execution of business rules, and so much more. We have helped accounting departments, FP&A professionals, and executive teams get almost instantaneous reports, improve performance, minimize risk, and capture new opportunities from within the company as well as external environments.

ADDIE Automation Studio (AAS) is a package where we have taken EPM Automation and super charged it to next level. Are you interested in a supercharged automation for your company's EPM products? Allow us to revamp utilizing ADDIE Automation Studio (AAS) to complete multiple manual and automated tasks quickly while also utilizing a custom alert system to reduce common errors.

EPM Migration & Implementation

If your company is ready to migrate legacy systems to the cloud, then we can help you implement on-premises Hyperion to Oracle Cloud migration. We also migrate your current systems to platforms such as Oracle to Onestream migration based on your specific requirements. We offer FREE On-Site training to quickly get your team familiar with the new systems and software.

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