FCCS Transportation Sector Implementation

By: Wei Guo - Sr. Principal Consultant
Published: August 25, 2020

Ability to consolidate Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cashflow Statement across multiple entities. Data integration from ERP source, and cross EPM integration with planning (EPBCS) for Budget cash flow. Integration with Narrative reporting, with 50+ custom built reports, as well as annual report packages.


  • Automatic Data load integrated with Fusion GL
  • Intercompany eliminations
  • Consolidation by percentage ownership
  • Custom input forms
  • Validation rule to minimize user errors
  • Cash flow adjustment and auto reclass
  • Custom Reclass business rules
  • Stat account calculation rules
  • Setup Journal input template
  • Setup close task management
  • Financial Planning integration to pickup
    budget data for cash flow reporting
  • Dimension level security setup
  • Integration with Narrative Reporting
  • Annual Report Packaging


  • Automated net income adjustments for cash flow.
    • To minimize risk of user error, pre-built logic to exclude non cash member, for example depreciation, from net income movement for cash flow.
  • Integration between EPBCS and FCCS, data granularity difference.
    • Since plan data is stored at a higher granularity than actual, data load from EPBCS source would not be able to map 1 to 1.
    • Data inputs would be at a different level for plan and forecast data.
  • Annual report packaging
    • Report package includes 46 pages consisting of text, graphs, reports, part of the requirements was for users to be able to create manual inputs for certain grids.
    • Report text needs to be dynamically linked to the report contents to minimize user effort.


  • Utilized logic groups and data mappings in data management to automatically reclass cash flow adjustments.
  • After complete analysis of the data flow, the team used 1 to many mappings to consolidate data into one member. In certain scenarios additional members had to be created to store data and custom scripting for calculations.
  • Utilizing multiple linked grids within Smartview to retrieve data from multiple points of view. Linked excel worksheets to Smartview retrievals to enable user inputs, then attached to the report package. Report narrative content linked to word doc with reference variable used to dynamically retrieve data/dates for text.


  • Automated monthly consolidation process for BS and PL with built in elimination logic. Users have the option to enter adjustments for cash flow via custom data form, automated reclass logic ensures that cash flow adjustments do not impact Balance sheets.
  • Automated data load that notifies admin if any process failed.
  • Security assigned at dimension level to ensure data is only accessible to the corresponding departments.
  • Over 50 custom reports, dynamically built, with user selected point of view.


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