OneStream: XF Cubes & Implementation

By: CloudADDIE
Published: August 2, 2019

OneStream XF Cubes

What exactly are cubes in OneStream XF? Cubes are used in OneStream XF to control how data is stored, calculated, translated, and consolidated based on the dimensions assigned to the cube. They are flexible and can be designed for a specific purpose or type of data in the OneStream XF platform.

A single application on the OneStream XF platform can have multiple Cubes that can share data and dimensions between each other. Separate Cubes can also be used to hold data outside of the main financial data cube.

Types of Cubes

Generally speaking, there are 2 cube types.

1: The most common setting is Standard, which is used usually when dimensions are shared between cubes (it is important to use different Cube Types).

2: The Security Cubes control who can access and maintain the cube, and it is dependent on how many Cubes are in the application and who is responsible or needs access to those Cubes.

OneStream XF Implementation Process

OneStream XF Projects usually have 3 components to it: Requirements, Design and Build. Requirements are received from the end users. Design is done by the consultants per the end users requests. Build is done by the consultants. Here is now they are implemented.

  • Requirements
    • Receieved from the end users
  • Design
    • Consultants design based on end users requests
  • Build
    • Consultants build
    • Overlaps with unit testing - once feature is built to test it
    • Unit testing is done (Client goes through checklist to makre sure everything meets their standards)
    • UAT (User Acceptance Testing) is done
    • Parallel runs (multiple project phases can overlap)
    • Performance tests

Once all of those are done, there will be a Go/No go decisions from the client. If they approve, they sign off, where the end users will sign saying OK. Then, the project will go live and be implemented.


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