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What is ADDIE Automation Studio (AAS)?

ADDIE Automation Studio (AAS) is a revolutionary Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) System that combines process flow automation, customizable alerts and Enterprise Performance Management Cloud integration to help save time and money on frequent, otherwise manual, tasks.

ADDIE Automation Studio (AAS) quickly performs tedious, time consuming Administrator tasks in sequential steps that are performed by the system rather than manually. Create customized processes and alerts that will allow your team to reduce human error and allocate time to other important areas of the business.

To see what ADDIE Automation Studio (AAS) and CloudADDIE can do for you, Click here to check out our case study showing how we shortened the process time for reconciliations with automation compared to personnel.

Automation reduces overhead costs by 25-35% enabling your company to allocate more time and resources to other areas and get a higher Return on Investment (ROI) on other capital expenditures. ADDIE Automation Studio (AAS) alleviates and reduces human errors and gives more time to administrators to trouble shoot any faults by providing detailed logs and error messages right to their inbox.

ADDIE Automation Studio (AAS) can be customized to perform a combination of processes in any desired sequence such as:

  • Management of metadata and data mappings
  • Scheduled database refresh
  • Importing and exporting data from:
    • Oracle ERP Cloud
    • Oracle EPM applications
    • Flat files (Excel, Text, CSV)
    • EPM agent to connect to On-premises databases
  • Executing business rules
  • Executing calculation scripts
  • Simplifying month-end roll process
  • Backing up artifacts and application snapshots
  • Resetting and restarting cloud enviroments
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ADDIE Automation Studio (AAS) circumvents traditional EPM Cloud email notification limits by allowing your company to choose who gets alerts, alert content, frequency and sending alerts as text messages.

Oracle EPM Cloud only allows email notifications for a limited number of events and limits the recipients to users that have access to a specific application. With ADDIE Automation Studio (AAS), an EPM Cloud admin does not need to add a user to an application to keep them in the loop.

Process Completion Texts:

Some EPM Cloud processes can take a few minutes to over an hour to complete. Gone are the days when a user must refresh the screen and wait for a process to complete only to find an error icon with a log containing technical details that need to be deciphered. ADDIE Automation Studio (AAS) will run the process for you and send a text message of the results in easy-to-understand phrasing.

Error Alerts:

Administrators no longer need to go through multiple steps for troubleshooting. ADDIE Automation Studio (AAS) communicates with EPM Cloud applications, relays the error to the admin, and even suggests solutions to fix issues.

ADDIE Automation Studio (AAS) can be customized to integrate multiple EPM applications with popular enterprise systems such as SQL Server, Microsoft Outlook, PowerShell and Power BI. ADDIE Automation Studio’s automation can perform tasks in PBCS, EPBCS, FCCS, ARCS, OAC, EDMCS, and ERP systems. ADDIE Automation Studio’s custom integration can cover business processes from ERP to data warehousing all the way to business intelligence, analytics and reports.

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