10 Benefits of ADDIE Automation Studio (AAS)

By: Ivan Casarrubias - Principal Consultant
Published: November 5, 2020

Enterprises systems are complex and as new technology emerges; leaders seek ways to modernize legacy systems. As we move into a new era of automation, it is becoming increasingly clear that legacy systems cannot continue to provide a competitive edge. Challenges such as cloud computing, integration and analytics require changes in architecture and major modernization initiatives for efficient operations of the enterprise.

ADDIE Automation Studio can be scaled at many levels in the enterprise by leveraging automation to streamline repetitive tasks, reduce human errors, and operational risk and costs. ADDIE Automation Studio combines the strategic art of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) with Automation to deliver next generation enterprise solutions. Here are 10 benefits of ADDIE Automation Studio.

1. Save Time

Faster is better, and saving time is just one benefit of business process automation. Automating multiple processes in parallel enables operations to move at a quicker pace by reducing process turnaround time.

ADDIE Automation Studio ensures that business processes perform at optimum efficiency and information can flow across departments smoothly.

2. Accuracy

Manual tasks take a longer duration of time as they are continuously performed by people who are prone to error and unable to constantly perform up to standard. A key advantage of ADDIE Automation Studio is the ability to maintain business processes free from human error. Business processes can flow easily with ADDIE Automation Studio’s error-handling features.

ADDIE Automation Studio never gets bored performing repetitive tasks, unlike humans do. When humans get bored, their performance is affected with defects. Results with ADDIE Automation Studio will always remain consistent.

3. Security

Manual processes are susceptible to other human vices, such as fraud. ADDIE Automation Studio will not “cook the books”, as ADDIE Automation Studio has no need to embezzle money.

ADDIE Automation Studio also makes auditing an easier process, so there is less time taken to analyze and audit every single process. Audit trails are time-stamped and indexed with unique Process IDs to quickly search by date, time, and record.

ADDIE Automation Studio seamlessly logs and saves records for each individual process across various systems. It leverages the security of other EPM systems such as Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud Service (ARCS) to guarantee financial compliance.

ADDIE Automation Studio is designed to meet compliance with internal or external requirements.

4. Error Handling

ADDIE Automation Studio has a built-in error-handling feature that detects issues and notifies the appropriate administrator via email or text message. ADDIE Automation Studio can even suggest solutions to issues by incorporating its built-in Knowledge Management System. System admins can swiftly solve an unexpected issue while keeping downtime and troubleshooting efforts minimized.

5. Ease of Management

Many requests and processes can be easily managed with ADDIE Automation Studio to improve operational efficiency for all departments.

ADDIE Automation Studio is tailored to optimize any department and workflow by following your company’s defined business procedures.

6. Standardization of Procedures

Companies favor predictability and consistency in all areas of operation. One of the key benefits of ADDIE Automation Studio is standardization of systems and processes. Whether it be Financial Planning & Analysis, Business Intelligence, Accounting, or any other function, each has standard reporting requirements. Reports are generated, named, and saved in a consistent manner with ADDIE Automation Studio.

7. Integration

ADDIE Automation Studio is designed to integrate multiple systems and software with a modular approach. Communication between various departments and software users can be integrated, providing easier access to project status reports across teams. ADDIE Automation Studio integrates with major ERP Systems, EPM Cloud Services, email clients, servers, databases, cloud environments and even on-prem legacy systems.

8. Save Money

ADDIE Automation Studio helps companies cut costs across the board by removing unneeded resources.

Automated alerts monitor the performance, status, and health of operations to prevent potential costly disasters. Employees come and go, which creates a need for constant employee training. Even the highest trained employees can make costly mistakes. ADDIE Automation Studio reduces training cost by eliminating the need to train employees along with the cost of sick leave, tardiness and shoddy work. You can rely on ADDIE Automation Studio to always be on time, fully trained and perform tasks as instructed.

9. Performance Metrics

One of the key components of Enterprise Performance Management is analytics. Manual data management processes are susceptible to delays and mismanagement, causing a delay for the Business Intelligence and Reporting teams. ADDIE Automation Studio ensures that the data required for analytics and reports is properly managed and easily available.

ADDIE Automation Studio can process and manage millions of transactional records, reconcile transactions, and generate reports in one end-to-end process.

10. Continuous Improvement

Implementing ADDIE Automation Studio will free up your employees to focus on high-level goals. By removing tedious and repetitive tasks, employee morale rises. Employees can focus on creative and innovative endeavors to keep the company on a path of continuous improvement.


Modernization through automation requires proper systems analysis and design to create highly effective Enterprise Systems. Contact us for a free demo of how ADDIE Automation Studio optimizes all business types via Enterprise Performance Management Automation. ADDIE Automation Studio is custom tailored to enterprises of all sizes and integrates with the enterprise software of your choice.


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