Importing/Exporting FCCS Dimensions in EDMCS

By: Jia Huang - Principal Consultant
Published: December 7, 2020

In this tutorial we will be going over importing and exporting FCCS (Financial Consolidation and Close) Dimensions within the Oracle application EDMCS (Enterprise Data Management Cloud).

Unlike importing to Financial Cloud General Ledger dimensions into EDMCS, importing FCCS dimensions to EDMCS is simple, EDMCS supports importing from local using comma-delimited (CSV) files or from an external application outbox using a compressed (ZIP) file for FCCS Dimensions.

Below are the steps for importing an FCCS dimension in EDMCS after setting up a FCCS Application in EDMCS.

Step 1

Application > Action > Import

Step 2 and 3

Select File for Import Source then select or drag and drop comma-delimited (CSV) file for import.

Step 4

Select Import Mode: Replace/Merge/Reset (Import Mode must set as Reset at a first time import process to an empty dimension).

Step 5

Click Import. A success message in a green box or an error message in a red box will appear after import. Message will be show under history after import process.

Importing FCCS Dimension in EDMCS is also available with connection, which is using a compressed (ZIP) file from an external application outbox.

Steps of exporting a FCCS dimension in EDMC:

1. Application > Action > Export

2. Select Export Target as File for a local CSV file or select Connection to export dimension to an external application.

3. Click Export. A success message in a green box or an error message in a red box will appear at the end of the export process.

EDMCS exporting and importing allow users to easily manage applications after making changes.
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