How to Create a Translation Override Rule in FCCS

By: Henry Lin - Principal Consultant
Published: April 29, 2020

Translation Override Rule

FCCS (Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Services) is an EPM tool with a complete end-to-end solution that gives you and your team visibility into the entire close, consolidation, data collection, and reporting process.

In this tutorial, we provide step by step instructions on how to create and apply a translation override rule during the consolidation process in FCCS.

The translation override rule allows users to select an intersection and apply an input rate that overrides the default rate being used.

Step 1

Navigate to translation overrides location under Consolidation tab.

Step 2

Create a local rate account for the translation.

  • Create a new local rate account. Specify Name, Description, Alias, and select Local Rate in the pop-up tab.
  • Refresh the database.

Step 3

Create a translation rule for the targeted accounts.

  • Specify the Name and Rate Information of the rule.
  • Create the intersection where the translation process happens by selecting the dimensions’ members.

Step 4

Deploy the translation rule.

  • Navigator -> Data, Select ‘Enter Exchange Rates’ form.
  • Enter the POV, the acquired rate, then Save the form.
  • Launch the Consolidation Business Rule under Rules tab.


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