OneStream XF - View Dimension

By: CloudADDIE
Published: August 12, 2019

The view dimension is used a lot on OneStream XF applications. It is basically a dimension where you can view all the data.

For more information on onestream dimensions, check out OneStream Dimensions Pt. 1 and OneStream Dimensions Pt. 2


YTD and Periodic are one of the most common view dimensions.
  • Another view dimension is CalcStatus(CS) which is queried. CalcStatus checks the timestamps of data and metadata. It will use that to determine and display the status code. The status code determines whether an intersection needs to be consolidated, translated or calculated.
  • Rolling Year Average, Trailing Totals, Sums & Averages: Common calculations are included because the data is easily available so you don't have to create custom formulas.
  • Store commentary and data attachments: includes Annotation, Assumptions, AuditComment, Footnote, and Variance Explanation


All view members can be queried through the Cube view.


Data Attachments include text and/or files. Data attachments are also queried on a Cube view. It is like that because then we are able to type comments directly into the Cube View cell. Comments are then imported to these members by using the TextValue Dimension. It will be stored outside of the Cube in a separate data attachment table.


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