OneStream XF - Entity Dimension

By: CloudADDIE
Published: August 5, 2019

This article goes into more detail about the Entity dimension in OneStream XF. For a brief overview of all the dimensions in OneStream XF, feel free to visit the article OneStream Dimensions Pt. 1 and OneStream Dimensions Pt. 2 .


  • The entity dimension uses parent and children relationships.
    • Parent entities store data and need to be consolidated or aggregated before being populated by children.
    • Parent entities are driven by reporting standards.
  • Data loading locations are the driving force behind base level entities.
  • Consolidations and eliminations are driven by hierarchies

Please Note: It is not recommended for base members to be changed into parents after data has been loaded.

Extensibility & Entity Dimensions

Entity Dimensions are not extendable and each Business Unit that uses Extensibility must have created a different Entity Dimensions.

These Entities can be inherited via Relationships in the Corporate Entity Structure. By allowing this inheritance, OneStream XF can link the Corporate Cube to additional Business Unit Cubes.


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