Troubleshooting FDMEE Common Errors

By: CloudADDIE
Published: May 20, 2019

When working with Oracle's PBCS (Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service), the Data Load process can get a little tedious. Anywhere from building the application to creating dimensions and members, one single error can cause the data load to fail. Every step requires paying utmost attention to every detail (Names, properties, etc.).

Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition

FDMEE gives Financial Analysts total control of the integration process to define source data, create mapping rules to translate data into the required target format, and to execute and manage the periodic data loading process. There are 3 main stages while running Data Load:

  • Importing Stage
  • Validating Stage
  • Exporting Stage

At each stage, I have seen a variety of error messages. As you progress through FDMEE (Data Management), you may encounter errors during loading stage. From my experience, here are a few common errors you may encounter, and solutions for these errors.

Importing Stage Error Messages

Often times, the importing stage fails as a result of improper dimension mapping. You should begin by auditing the dimensions in Import Format to correspond to the file you are loading. A single mismatched dimension could cause the importing stage to fail.

  • ERROR [AIF]: Members not specified for Non period driver
  • FATAL [AIF]: Error in File Import Data

If all of the dimensions are mapped correctly, and you are still dealing with an error message, move on to the design analysis.

Unique Designs in a company’s data structure makes the one-to-one mapping process extremely complex.

  • Confirm that all of the Data Load Mapping is in place
  • Refresh the Database and Members
  • If you have several cubes within the application, make sure you are loading to the correct Target Plan Type

Resolving data quality prior to moving forward with any mapping would be imperative to ensure the accuracy of all future integrated reporting and, ultimately, the success of the project.

Validating Stage Error Messages

In data validation stage, Data Management attempts to validate the loaded data with the existing members in the application.

  • FATAL [AIF]: Error in COMM Validate Data
  • INFO [AIF]: EPMFDM-140274: Message - Initialize error maps

If these errors show up during this process, here are ways to solve the issue.

  1. In the Error Log, check the Processing Code and see what went wrong
  2. Fix the dimension/members and refresh the database
  3. Validate the member property
  4. Re-run the validation

Exporting Stage Error messages

If you encounter the following error messages during the export stage, the dimensions and members are not likely to be mapped correctly. Even a dimension name can cause the same problem.

  • FATAL [AIF]: Error in COMM Load Data
  • Not All Dimension Were Specified
  • ERROR [AIF]: Members not specified for Non period driver
  • FATAL [AIF]: Error in CommData.loadData

The following worked for me when dealing with this issue in FDMEE

Look through the loaded file, confirm that all the dimensions abide by the Import Format

When making changes in the application, refresh the Metadata and Members under

  • Setup ->
  • Register ->
  • Target Application

Check the header of the file and see if there is any special characters (#,!, etc.)

Using SmartView, confirm that there are no duplicated members and make sure that all of the dimensions are valid for its specific Cube. Lastly, fix the member properties if there is any error found.

These are just a few common error messages that I encountered while working through Data Management in FDMEE. There will be many other error codes if the application and format are not set correctly.


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