FCCS: Journal Entries

By: Kristianne Baugh - Data Analyst
Published: August 12, 2021

Purpose of Journals

Journals can be used to classify Consolidation journals, filter journals, add or delete groups, edit group descriptions, and load groups during a journal load.

Journals are also useful for keeping track of the data that is loaded and by whom.

How to Create a Journal

Step 1

Under the Consolidation Journals tab, in the top right-hand corner, click Create or on the Create button in the middle.

Insert in the Label, Journal Type, and Data Source.

Step 2

Click Create and then click on the cogwheel and click "Pick Members." This allows you to add level 0 members for each dimension.

Step 3

Once you enter the level 0 dimensions that you need in your journal, you can enter the amounts for the Journal entry. Both entries must have a 0 variance.

Click save.

Step 4

After clicking Save, click on the Actions button, and then click on "Submit."

Step 5

Click Submit again.

Step 6

Click Approve twice.


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