Creating Action Menus in EPBCS

By: Christi Hartzo - Financial Analyst Consultant
Published: January 26, 2021

The Action Menu is an incredible feature offered in EPBCS environments that allows you to add additional capabilities to forms. In this example, we will walk through how to add an action menu to a form that allows you to add new rows.


In the Navigator located under “Create and Manage”, select the option “Action Menus”.


To create a new menu, select the green “+” and name your new menu. Once created, the menu will appear in the list below. To edit your new menu, click to highlight and select the pencil in the top toolbar.


Next, create a label for your action menu. This name is what will appear in the action menu on the form.

A business has been created called “Add New Row.” Add the needed information to the new menu item to insert the “Add New Row” business rule.

Once the business rule has been added, click save in the bottom right corner.

Once the action menu has been created, it can now be added to the form.


Navigate to the “Create and Manage” section in the navigator and select “Forms”, then open the form you wish to add the action menu to.

Click on the “Other Options” tab in the form builder and move the newly created menu from “Available Menus” to “Selected Menus”, then click “Save”.


Open the form from the navigation flow to test the new action menu. Click the “Actions” drop down or right click on the form to select “Add New Intersection”.

Utilizing action menus in forms provide endless possibilities and capabilities, the above is just one example.

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