Driver Based Planning with Hyperion

By: CloudADDIE
Published: February 18, 2019

Our Client

Our client was eager to expand the scope of a new driver-based planning application on a global scale, a project which would include data across 14 product lines and 50,000 cost centers. The client hired a Big Four professional services firm to lead this project. Within 3 months, the client determined the Big Four project leadership was incapable of reaching the project timelines and budget goals. Consequently, they removed the lead firm and positioned CloudADDIE to direct the project through to completion.

A Fortune 500 industry leader and ongoing client.


  • 14 product lines 50 sub-product lines
  • 50,000 cost centers
  • 80+ countries
  • 1,200+ users

The Challenges

Supported by 7 consultants, the project lead reached out to CloudADDIE to support the completion of the project and accomplish the following:

  • Recovery of delayed project formerly led by Big Four professional services firm.
  • Development of on-premise, driverbased planning application supporting 50 global product lines.
  • Migration of 1,200+ users, including company president, from traditional planning to driver-based application


After taking over the project, CloudADDIE quickly formulated a project plan that would satisfy all of the client’s requirements.

Software Solutions used in this project include:

  • Hyperion Planning (1,200 users)
  • Hyperion Essbase (800 users)
  • Financial Reporting Studio

The team loaded and updated 7 years of historical actual data and updated the current actual data 3 times a month for the 50,000 cost centers. Leveraging Maxl statements, they transferred forecast and budget data from a calculated database to a reporting database every 10 minutes. Numerous calculation logics were created to build the driver-based application.

The Hyperion Planning application was utilized in creating IT cost allocations to individual cost centers, as well as a custom currency translation. Users were then able to view translated currency in their local currencies or reporting currencies.

The Results

This project was completed within the anticipated timeline (1 year and 3 months) and was more than $1 million under budget.

The CloudADDIE team was able to complete the project with 3 consultants, a reduction from the original lead firm’s 7 consultants. Additionally, the client was able to calculate product of sale faster and more accurately, effectively calculate costs, and increase profit margins.


“The performance of the CloudADDIE team continues to impress us. They took command of this project and delivered to our expectation, while saving us nearly $2 million. While the team’s technical expertise and application knowledge is exceptional, they successfully balance it with an unparalleled commitment to discovery. They are meticulous in understanding our requirements before they begin a project, and that, in my opinion, is why they have succeeded in every project with our company.” ~Senior Director, Energy Company

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