SmartView: Flex Forms

By: Lucas Phan - Data Analyst
Published: October 1, 2021

Flex forms offers accommodating row management in Oracle Smart View for Office. It can be use in Planning, Planning Modules, Financial Consolidation and Close, and Tax Reporting. Flex forms have all regular form properties and features.

However, it also has the following advantages:

  • You can rearrange row members, and sort or move rows.
  • Modified row order is kept on refresh and during submit.
  • Filter data using Excel's filtering functionality.
  • Dimension and member row cells and all data cells in a flex form are unprotected.
  • Column headers and the top left blank cells of a flex form are protected.

The requirements to use Flex forms are:

  • Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud 20.04 or later
  • Smart View or later

The following are some guidelines for using Flex forms:

  • Any changes to a flex form will not stayed between sessions.
  • These form features are not available for flex forms:
    • Segment level properties, including validation rules.
    • After rows are rearranged or sorted, segment properties will not be retained.
    • Spreading
    • Row dimension dropdowns
    • Row or column formulas
    • Using flex forms inside composite forms
  • You cannot change column members, only row members.
  • You may insert and delete rows in a flex form using the Insert and Delete options on the right-click menu in Excel.
  • Inserting or deleting columns is not supported on flex forms.

Those are just a small amount of the guidelines when using Flex form. There are many resources available if you’re interested in learning more about this Oracle feature.


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