Professional Problem Solving

By: Zarek Bowen - Principal Consultant
Published: January 12, 2021

In a position such as mine where the consistent intricacies and nuances of applications and scripts constantly bar you from making progress, you must know how to weave around these impedances in a timely manner. Naturally, the approach is a major key to succeeding in doing so; the ability to define what the problem is and cut away at it until the root is defined, and a plan can be made. But alongside this process are several tools and resources one can make available to themselves, and properly wielding them allows you to overcome any sort of obstacle in your proverbial path.

Probably the most important of these tools is something we should all be well acquainted with, our good friend Google. Or any other search engine you prefer, of course. Often a quick dive into the conglomerated knowledge of the entire world’s populace can do you good when trying to figure out a problem. Even the most obscure of Oracle’s FDMEE error codes or a specific module of a specific programming language have answers strewn about message boards or personal guides some kind soul went out of their way to make. Just recently when I found myself stumbling into a major project around here due to my prior experience and interest in python, and I would say close to 95% of the workarounds I wove into my scripts came from asking Google a question. In short, if you have a problem, just google it.

Your next resource is just as important, and closer than you might think. Asking a fellow associate a question is almost always going to be your best option. It is always nice to have someone with more experience or who is just better at your job than you around to turn to for help. But for the sake of not bothering them with every issue you have, trying out a few other resources would be recommended before taking this route. Hence why they are listed second here. Also, this is assuming you are on good terms with your coworkers at the very least. So maybe be friendly with your fellow wage slaves and all will be for the better.

Lastly, so as not to waste your time with a novel, we have the least exciting of our options, Official Documentation. Most anything you will be working with in a professional setting has a small encyclopedia referencing its inner workings and secrets. Pages of procedure and extensive error code listings. If all else fails, you should be able to turn here.

I hope reading this helps someone out there learn something they did not already know. Also, these are just my opinions of course and not some natural laws of problem solving, everyone works differently and if you solve enough problems you will become a regular Sherlock Holmes in your own way assuredly. Thank you to whoever took the time to read, and as always if you think we can help you in anyway feel free to contact us.


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