One Stream XF - Flow Dimension

By: CloudADDIE
Published: August 9, 2019

The Flow Dimension in OneStream XF allows for teams to see and experience a greater visibility on account movements. It shows details behind accounts explaining how each account has changed from period to period.

Flow Dimensions that are more complex, can often show PPE disposal or purchase movements, Capital Infusions, and so forth. This Dimension is generally used for Cash Flow reporting and has a built in historical override function.


Phase 1

Phase One focuses on the abilities to view and calculate FX Movements and Account Activity. It also focuses on the ability to do USD historical overrides.

Phase 2

Phase Two focuses on preventing additional flow details. The main idea behind Phase Two is that users want to load and see the Ending Balance and None in the Flow Dimension.



The formulas used in the Flow Dimension are Formula Pass 1-16 and uses Dynamic Calc and DynamicCalcTextInput. They help determine the order in which calculations are run. Formula Pass 1 focuses on beginning the Bal Calc, Pass 3-4 focuses on activity members, and Pass 4+ focuses on FX related Flow members that are not part of (or outside) of FX_Open.

Please Note: These are considered general guidelines and will differ based on requirements and dependencies.


True vs False Inputs

Generally, Input Flow members are set to true and Calc Flow members are set to false.

Sign Switching

The default setting is set to false and can be used as a Boolean in formulas. But depending on the Account Type, setting to True (instead of false) switches the sign for data for Flow member. The Flow Member is also linked to Account through Flow constraints.


The default for consolidation is set to Conditional, which becomes True when the Formula Type is not assigned.


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