Narrative Reporting: March 2021 Update

By: Ricardo Tercero - Intern
Published: March 5, 2021

Narrative Reporting: March 2021 Update

March’s update brings us new features and optimizations to the handy Narrative Reporting tool extension. As we delve into this update, please refer to our Narrative Reporting blog for an in-depth utility guide.

This new update allows for doclets to be updated and approved, without creating a duplicate version of the updated doclet. The submission and approval processes have been streamlined for less maintenance. However, we still have the option to create a new version of said doclet if we chose to do so.

Aligning data, particularly suffixes, was a simple yet missing function within Narrative Reporting. Fortunately, March’s update introduces a new function within Cell Number Formatting, allowing us to format both prefixes and suffixes within our data. These formatting options can greatly improve the viewing experience for reports, particularly those who with a vast range of suffixes or prefixes.

CloudADDIE will certainly make use of this new update for our clients, and we welcome any questions or inquiries regarding Narrative Reporting or Oracle’s EPM. We are always available for any problems or inquiries that may arise.


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