Important Factors to Know Before Switching to Cloud

By: CloudADDIE
Published: June 12, 2020

Smooth Transition

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services without having to worry about hardware, software and networking. Rather than literally building a data warehouse for your company’s needs, you can now simply pay a subscription fee for the services needed. The beauty of its simplicity allows cloud computing to gain traction rapidly from a variety of entrepreneurs all over the world. If your company is on the verge of transitioning to cloud, fully or partially, there are several factors that should be considered in order for a smooth transition.

Important Factors to Know Before Switching to Cloud

  1. Have a Clear Path
  2. Planning is the key for everything. No matter if your company is migrating fully or partially to the cloud, a clear plan is needed to helps everyone focus on the overall goal. Having a plan not only helps define goals, objectives and deadlines- it also helps manage challenges along the way; thus reducing unpleasant surprises and making any recoveries faster.

  3. Have a DevOps Team
  4. The process of transitioning to something new is a repetitive process. There are going to be failures and success along the way. Hence, before risking your whole operation on it, dedicate a team to research, modification, and adjustments according to your company’s needs. Having a DevOps team will minimize any possible damage while ensuring quality.

  5. Adopt a Scale-Based-On-Need System
  6. Beside choosing a system that fits just right to your company’s needs, one important factor to consider is the scaling possibility of the system. As the company grows, the cloud system should be able to adjust accordingly. In this highly competitive technology industry as well as the current uncertain time, companies need to fail as fast as they can scale. Once an operation goes in a wrong direction, you would want to be able to terminate it fast and not be dragged on with the costly fees.

  7. Train Your Staff
  8. Transitioning to the cloud means your whole company will be exposed to a completely new environment. Cloud migration requires a lot of training in order to maintain a smooth operation. Training employees comes at a cost of time and money. However, think of it as a long term investment. It would help increase production and efficiency while reducing costly mistakes and potential loss of opportunities.

Still Considering Taking the Leap?

Cloud computing offers lots of benefits, but do not take it as a piece of cake. For entrepreneurs to truly benefit from it, they must be well prepared to enable innovation. At CloudADDIE, we provided successful training and implementation throughout the Business Performance Management process. We are willing to share our expertise in business intelligence and performance management to help your transition to Cloud be a success and easy.


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