EPBCS Features: Configuration Considerations

By: Jia Huang - Principal Consultant
Published: January 20, 2021

EPBCS (Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service) is an application built by Oracle, based on PBCS (Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service), and it perfectly solves problems for business users to manage/organize large amounts of actual data, budget data, and forecast data. Although, there are a lot of feature options in EPBCS during the implementation process. Before creating the application, there are some features that should be put into consideration to avoid complication after the application is created. The reason is during the application creation when some features are configured (enable/disable), features being enabled cannot change to disabled once the application creation is done being created.

The Following are Some Considerations During Application Creation:

This is the first step of the application configuration, application name, description, and application type. There are 3 application types: Custom, Free Form, and Modules. The application type is not allowed to change after the application is created. Select the right type of application based on the business user's needs.

There are 5 modeling features in the EPBCS Modules application:

  • Strategic Modeling
  • Financials
  • Workforce
  • Capital
  • Projects

These features can be enabled once the application creation is complete.

Strategic Modeling is the only one that does not require configuration tasks.

The consideration of enabling these features is knowing what kind of modeling and custom dimensions are needed, because once the features are enabled it cannot be disable later.

The Considerations above are for business users to avoid complexity because changes cannot be made once those features are set as enabled. Enabling certain features during the configuration in the EPBCS makes the application more complex for users. The only way to solve the problem is to recreate the service/delete the application and redo implementation. This causes the need for reconfiguration, re-importing of metadata/data, recreation of data forms, recreation of business rules, etc.

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