EDMCS Updates: December 2020

By: Jia Huang - Principal Consultant
Published: January 12, 2021

EDMCS (Enterprise Data Management Cloud Service) is an application built for business user that provides high efficiency to manage master data, reference data, dimensions, hierarchies, mappings, etc. Instead of going to different applications for meta data updates, EDMCS is built in a user-friendly way for business users to easily manage meta data through different applications. Multitude dimension hierarchy structure viewpoints from different application can be simply place in one view to offer users’ maintenance throughout a quick and easy way. EDMCS is an application initial released and introduced on January 2018, and it is applying a monthly update to EDMCS test and EDMCS production environment to provide better performance.

Recent Updates in EDMCS

System activity reports, allows service administrator to monitor system usage and reports are automatically generated every day. System activity reports are located under reports in the application along with permissions and policies reports and subscriptions reports.

Global connections, which allow service administrator to connect to system specific external systems for extract data. A global connection is not allowed for dimensional export and it can be only use for extract, also each extra can only use one global connection.

Redwood theme, a clean and consistent looking default theme available for users to apply to the environment. The redwood theme can be configurate under appearance.

Lock property values on request commit, enable for users to optionally setup a lock on commit parameter for specify node properties to restrict changes on any future updates.

Creating property, allows service administrator and application owner to manually create properties under properties page, and must be added to a node type to make it available in a viewpoint. Manual creation of properties does not bound to application initially and does not get imported or exported.

Planning application to planning modules, allows service administrator or application owner to upgrade active planning application to planning modules by avoiding create a new application. This action will be involved with new predefined members.

Above are few recent updates on EDMCS in December 2020, and there are more major and minor updates such as calculated parent for nodes in hierarchy viewpoints, locale selection, string list properties and methods in expression, data type conversion methods in expression, ability to copy and paste entire expression, etc. EDMC is a commendable application which Improve overall performance, time saving, cost, security, collaboration and many more.


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