EDMCS: Subscription

By: Jia Huang - Principal Consultant
Published: December 28, 2020

EDMCS (Enterprise Data Management Cloud Service) subscriptions are important for target applications to maintain metadata. Subscriptions changes can be setup as auto submit or manually submit, and EDMCS security in the application ensure the changes accurately and securely handled.

In this article, a subscription process between two applications (FCCS and FCGL) in EDMCS will be present.

The diagram and screenshot below are showing Account (FCCS) has been successfully setup a subscription to GL_ACCOUNT_HS_CURRENT (FCGL).

FCGL (Financial Cloud General Ledger) Viewpoint EDMCS:

In this viewpoint, a subscription has been setup. An action of adding a top node named “88888” was created by a submitter, and properties of this new member has setup correctly to pass the validations. A request will be sent to the approvers. However, the approvers can Approve / Pushback / Reject the request.

Once a new node is submitted and approved in the FCGL viewpoint, the subscription was setup in the FCCS viewpoint and auto-submit a new request to add the new node in the viewpoint. Since a node type converter was setup, so when the new node from FCGL is submitting in FCCS it automatically create a prefix “A_” in FCCS.

At this point, the submitter/assignee can make changes and setup properties for the new node within this FCCS viewpoint. Once the approver received the changes that the submitter/assignee made, and the approver can Approve/Pushback/Reject the request.

EDMCS Subscription can be setup to different viewpoints within one or multiple target applications, and different converter can be configurated.


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