Conditional Formatting in Narrative Reporting

By: Lucas Phan - Data Analyst
Published: June 18, 2021

Oracle Cloud EPM Narrative Reporting allows user to build informative and dynamic reports with the ability to access data directly, collaborate across the report process, and satisfy reporting requirements. Among the many features available in Narrative Reporting, a powerful tool report builders can use is Conditional Formatting.

Conditional Formatting allows you to apply formatting to cells in a grid if the values in those cells meet your predefined conditions.

Conditional Text enables you to create dynamic text based on predefined conditions.

Conditional Suppression enables you to suppress rows or columns in a grid based on specified attributes or values.

Ways to use Conditional Formatting

- Displaying variances with positive and negative number through different text colorings or shading.

- Suppressing certain data to bring focus on specific area.

- Using Advanced Conditions to analyze and predict through data.

This is just one of many features available in Narrative Reporting to allow users the ability to create informative reports with confidence and integrity.


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