EDMCS: A Brief Overview of Registering a Universal Application

By: Kristianne Baugh - Data Analyst
Published: June 14, 2021

What is a Universal Application?

A universal application refers to any external application that does not have an application type within EDMCS. Further, if you already have an external application but need to manage the data without all of the restrictions or requirements.

Whatever the case may be, this system allows a user to manage the data within the EDMCS.

Why and when to use a Universal Application

They provide flexibility to users due to their lack of requirements. They do not enforce conformity nor binding validations, should they user wish to not have them.

Depending on the type of application a user wants, they can decide if a universal application is best for their needs.

Steps to Registering a Universal Application:

  1. Under the Application tab, click Register and select the Universal Application type. Provide the name and optional description. Click Create.
  2. Add the Dimensions that you wish to include in your application. Each dimension must have at least one Node Type.
  3. Fill in the Node Type information, such as Properties. You can add many different Node Types, each with different Properties.
  4. Follow steps 2 and 3 for each dimension. Set the Import and Export parameters and review your application. Once done, click Apply.

NOTE: The registration of a Universal Application automatically generates a default viewpoint, a data chain that is used to define the viewpoint, and the business validation rules.

• While there are many different application types, such as FCCS, Planning, and General Ledger, it is sometimes easier to just create your own in order to fully get what you need for your business.


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