We help develop processes to ensure effective data management throughout the enterprise. Our main strategy considers the users, processes, and information technology required to create a consistent and proper handling of data. We provide all types of data management practices with the necessary foundation, strategy, and structure.

A centralized warehouse which provides decision support services across the enterprise. It offers a unified approach to organizing and representing data. It also provides the ability to classify data according to the subject and gives access according to those divisions.

Data store required when Data Warehouse does not support organizations reporting needs. In Operational Data Store, Data Warehouse is refreshed in real time. Therefore, it is widely preferred for routine activities like storing records of the Employees.

A subset of the data warehouse. It is specially designed for specific segments like sales and finance. In an independent data mart, data can be collected directly from sources.

  • Preparing, extracting, and transforming data to move from on-premises to the cloud.
  • Data Validation is performed to ensure data integrity.
  • We can help potential clients move their database from one vendor to another or upgrade their current database software.

  • We offer Data Quality Assurance to discover inconsistencies and other anomalies in the company’s data.
    • Removing outliers
    • Missing data interpolation
  • Data Preperation
    • Loading data, data ingestion, data fusion, data cleaning, data augmentation, and data delivery.
    • Help by removing hassles such as systematic errors involving large numbers of data records or individual errors affecting small amounts of data records.

  • ETL is a process that extracts data from different relational database management source systems then transforms the data and loads it into the data warehouse system.
  • Helps companies analyze their data to make critical business decisions.
  • Migrates data and converts to various formats and types to accommodate one consistent system.

ADDIE Automation Studio (AAS) is a service unique to CloudADDIE that offers your company the ability to automate multiple tasks- that would otherwise be completed manually- with specially packaged software based on your needs. We will customize your service based on the EPM applications you currently use such as PBCS, EPBCS, FCCS, EDMCS, ARCS, Narrative Reporting, as well as ERP. Are you interested in a supercharged automation for your company's EPM products? Let us help you to completely revamp multiple manual and automated tasks quickly while also utilizing a custom alert system to reduce common errors.

Benefits of Data Management:
  • Data warehouse enhances business intelligence
  • High return on investment
  • Time efficient
  • Maintain data history
  • Integrate data from multiple source systems, enabling a central view
  • Improve data quality, by providing codes and descriptions or even fixing bad data
  • Present the organization’s information consistently
  • Provide a single common data model for all data sources
  • Restructure the data to make it understandable to the users
  • Restructure the data to deliver excellent query performance
  • Add value to operational business applications
  • Reduces reporting cost
  • Reduce data consolidation and integration cost
  • Increase efficiency and decision-making capabilities
Who needs Data Management?
  • Decision makers who rely on mass amounts of data
  • Users who need to combine or customize processes to obtain information from multiple data sources
  • Individuals who want simple technology to access data
  • Users who want fast performance on a huge amount of data from reports, grids, or charts
  • Individuals who want to discover more about data flows and groupings

Our team of consultants can help your company with any type of Data Management.
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