Now introducing ADDIE Management Studio (AMS)!

No more struggling with managing manual databases and records for clients, inventory, and more. Your business will be able to Go Higher when utilizing this cloud enabled data management service. Let us handle your data and customize AMS to meet your individual business needs so you can focus on success.

With AMS we offer a comprehensive, all-in-one application to track your business’s needs and development. When you implement AMS into your business, it upgrades your manual reporting, physical records, and eliminates massive spreadsheet documents that stale and grow on your desktop. Benefit from a customizable and easy to use interface that exists as a local application or a web-app and connect to our cloud storage in a secure and accessible state.

We aim to help small and mid-size businesses streamline their operations by compiling their data into a simple and well-structured platform. To do this we will discuss your needs and act as architects to store your data in the cloud and build an application tailored to your needs. Available features include customer tracking, inventory management, financial reporting, as well as any other creative solution we can think of to help you.

Features of ADDIE Management Studio:

Online Booking
Customer Management
Email Marketing
Inventory Management
Technical Support
Staff Management
Task Management
Text and Email Alerts

For more information, contact us for a free consultation.

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